jacobie Installation

Quick Install

1) download jacobie from the files area and expand to a local directory.

2) Locate the jacob.dll from the installdir\dll directory. Either place this dll in your PATH system variable or just drop it into the windows system32 directory.

3) Thats it for installation. Now, just determine how you want to run the code, via command line, etc. You should be able to run the unit tests with no modifcations. I run the unit tests while running code via the eclipse Run As -> Junit Test.

Integrate Jacobie with your Eclipse Project

1) Just add the jacobie-x.y.jar file to your lib directory and add it to your class path. That's it.


The following dependencies are specifically for testing only because of the need needed to run a webserver to run the unit tests for the API. See this page for more information on the precise version numbers for each jar.

Jetty Web ServerJetty is a 100% Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container.